Khalid Hamadeh, Founder
Why I Created StrawSave

While traveling (and eventually living) in Indonesia, I saw first hand the damage that plastic pollution can do to the environment, as well as the potential for people to mobilize against pollution. 

Earlier this year, Bali, Indonesia, implemented a ban on single use plastics, and it's been setting an incredible precedent for the rest of the country, and the world as a whole. 

Over the course of a few short months, every single restaurant, bar, and cafe has switched away from plastic straws/bags towards sustainable alternatives, and the one that really caught my attention was bamboo straws. The more research I did, the more I came to find out that bamboo has some exceptional environmental properties that set it apart. It grows up to 3ft per day, consumes significant CO2, requires little water to grow, is biodegradable, and people love using it! From there, I set out to find and partner with local bamboo farmers, and StrawSave was born!

I think that eliminating single-use plastics is part of a much, much larger climate and environmental problem, and so we decided to partner with OneTreePlanted, to ensure that every StrawSave purchase had a greater environmental impact. In this case, we have pledged to plant one tree for every StrawSave purchase, making sure that each purchase has a larger environmental impact, both on plastic pollution, as well as carbon emissions. 

Our Partnership With
Java Bamboo Farmers

We work with a village located in a mountainous region of Java, Indonesia. These farmers and crafters are incredible to work with. Everything is done by hand, from the farming, cutting, and cleaning of bamboo, to the crafting and engraving of the straws. For this village, bamboo farming and crafting is an essential source of income, and so at StrawSave, we ensure that fair pay is being applied in every interaction with them.