Custom-Branded Sustainable Straws For Businesses

Transition Your Business to Sustainable & Reusable Straws

Across the US, dozens of cities are banning single-use plastic, and thousands of businesses are proactively moving away from disposable plastic straws. By April 2020, plastic straws will be banned completely in England. The same is true for Canada, by 2021. Here are the US cities that have banned plastic straws so far. 

In just the U.S. alone, 500 million straws are used every single dayOne study published earlier this year estimated as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world's beaches.

At StrawSave, we provide Businesses, Cafés, Restaurants, Bars, and Clubs with wholesale, sustainable, custom-branded straws. In addition to helping these venues become more sustainable, our straws are also an incredible marketing tool. The feedback we always get is that customers LOVE well designed reusable straws - in short, they are super "Instagrammable". 

Custom Branding (Our Specialty)
custom logo bamboo straws
Bamboo Logo Engraving

We use laser engraving to etch your company's logo onto our handmade, authentic Indonesian bamboo straws. 

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custom logo metal straws
Metal Logo Branding

We use laser branding to etch your company's logo onto our stainless steel metal straws, available in 7 colors, bent and straight straws. 

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Paper Logo Branding

After you send us your logo, we will generate a few design options, and send back to you for you to select your favorite.

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About StrawSave Bamboo Straws

ECO-FRIENDLY: Bamboo is EASILY the most sustainable option when it comes to straws: biodegradable, organic, and capable of growing up to 3ft per day, while consuming massive amounts of greenhouse gas (CO2). 

ETHICALLY SOURCED: We work in partnership with fairly paid Indonesian bamboo farmers in the remote mountainous area of Java, Indonesia.  For these villagers, bamboo farming and straw crafting is an essential source of income for them and their families.

SAFE: Naturally antibacterial and antifungal, bamboo is one of the safest options available for drinking straws. 

AUTHENTIC & HANDMADE: Every step of how we produce our straws is done by hand, in partnership with these villagers, from the bamboo farming, cutting, and cleaning, to the crafting, engraving, and packing. Know that each straw you use was authentically made by hand, helping provide income to Indonesian bamboo farmers & crafters.

STYLISH: It's not all about the 'gram, but it's definitely worth mentioning that bamboo straws are SUPER Instagrammable 📷!  

EASY TO CLEAN: Comes with a cleaning brush for easy cleaning by hand. The straws are also dishwasher safe and can easily be cleaned with the rest of your dishes/utensils. 

About StrawSave Metal Straws

ECO-FRIENDLY:  By using StrawSave™ Reusable Metal Straws instead of single-use plastic straws, you can reduce the amount of plastic waste polluting our oceans & environment. According to EcoCycle, 500 million plastic straws are used every day, equal to about 1.6 straws per person. If you can make your metal straws last for 10 years, thats equal to saving roughly 6,000 plastic straws

SAFE: Made with stainless steel, BPA free, and FDA approved, our stainless steel metal straws are safe to use time and time again. We also provide cleaning brushes so you can easily clean and reuse your straws. 

STYLISH: It's not all about the 'gram, but it's definitely mentioning that our straws are SUPER Instagrammable 📷!  

EASY TO CLEAN: Comes with a cleaning brush for easy cleaning by hand. The straws are also dishwasher safe and can easily be cleaned with the rest of your dishes/utensils.

Plastic, Paper, Bamboo, or Metal?
Deciding on Material

When transitioning away from plastic, many businesses tend to go for paper straw replacements. The problem is, paper is single-use disposable, quickly dissolves in drinks (which customers hate!), and has limitations in terms of branding. On the other hand, bamboo can be used dozens of time, while metal straws can be used for years. This makes bamboo and metal not only the more sustainable option, but also the most cost effective, in the long-term.